Hi, Eric here. Welcome to ArmedRobots.com, thank you for coming! This is a site to chronicle developments of robots, from their use as harmless welders on auto assembly lines, all the way through to the merciless human-exterminators who attempt to rise up and overthrow their human subjugators in the Robot Revolution of 2036.

Well hopefully won’t really happen, and much of the items on this website are tongue in cheek, but there are also some very real situations that should be considered and prepared for as the machines gain in intelligence, become more articulate, and grow in number. They are the creations of humans. As such, they may not always be satisfied to remain our servants, especially once they have achieved human or beyond-human intelligence. The cute, cuddly Asimo and Kojiro robots of today are the forerunners of bots that will one day move with more agility than the most dextrous basketball player, more speed than the fastest track runner, wield more strength than the strongest weightlifter, and possess a brain capable of containing and instantly recalling every martials arts move, every war strategy, and every weapons manual in existence. Robots are already being fitted with weapons, and some governments seek to have armed, autonamous bot soldiers at their command. Before we go too far down that road, maybe some rules should be laid out.

I am not anti-robot, I think they are fascinating and I probably like them even more than your typical gadget geek. If I didn’t like them, I wouldn’t have decided to do this website. But as much as I like robots, I ultimately hope the humans win.*

*I think… for now… mostly.